Saturday, August 6, 2011

the visitors and a day trip

We've been busy!  Last weekend we welcomed my dear friend Amanda (also a former roommate and best personal attendant ever!) and her fiance, Nate into our home.  It was a fun time, although much too short.  We had a great time getting to know Nate a little better. Amanda and I talked about wedding details and plans while the boys got in a little video gaming time, and of course we made puppy chow, which is tradition whenever we're together.  We also subjected them to some of our favorite stupid you tube videos. :)

On Saturday evening we went to Fireworks, a local paint your own pottery place.  When we looked online to see what time they closed, we discovered that they were actually closing for good the very next day and everything was half off!  Sad that they are closing, but nice for our wallets! Since Amanda and Nate had never done anything like that before we thought it would be a fun experience for them. I hope it was more fun than stressful! They picked out a plate to paint together.  :) It was cute.  Ryan and I painted a whale shaped piggy bank. What we'll do with it, I don't know....but it's going to look awesome!  I pretty much just let Ryan work his magic. He is much more creative and artistic than I am. There is a coffee shop conveniently located in Fireworks, so you better believe we took advantage of that.  We have to wait a couple more weeks to pick up our pottery, but I can't wait to see how they turned out! 

I love watching my husband when he's concentrating very hard on something. :)

Nate & Amanda!

Do you see my dog?  He wanted to be in the group photo too and is actually standing/sitting on the couch behind us, and is about to bite my head.  He is crazy.  

My work schedule was different this week, and my mom and I had the same day off.  It was the perfect opportunity to take a little road trip to Dubuque for a long overdue mother/daughter day.  We had the best time shopping and getting lunch together. Unfortunately, I have no pictures. :(  That night we went to see a movie with dad.  He chose Cowboys and Aliens. :) It was nice to spend some time with my parents. I love them. With work and our different schedules we haven't been able to see each other much lately.  The only bad part was spending the night away from my husband.  That's never fun.  Talking to him on the phone before I went to bed that night reminded me of our dating/engaged days.  Haha. 

Before I left town I got to spend the morning with Kristi!  It's fun living near each other again! We went for a 3 (or was it 4?) mile walk while we talked and enjoyed each others company.  Near the end of our walk we stopped in at One Mean Bean for some iced chai. :)  We spent many hours there while in college (and after) talking about boys and life and being single.  It's one of our favorite places, and we love the owners.

Tonight we got to meet my friend Becky, her husband Jeremy and their two boys for supper as they were in town buying a desk they found on craigs list.  It was a quick catch up, but we're so glad for the time we had with them!  They used to live in the Des Moines area and Becky was a great friend, and encouragement to me when I was house parenting at Ruth Harbor.  We would meet for bible study, prayer and heart to hearts while I was living there.  She is truly a blessing, and she has one adorable little family. 

attempt #6 of a family photo. :) 

Ryan is staying busy with work and music stuff.  This past week was the annual chapel canoe trip, which I didn't get to go on because I was working, but Ryan did, and he had a good time floating down the Maquoketa River.  Also this past week,  Deluxe Republic did an acoustic show at a coffee shop and somehow I got roped into getting up on stage with Ryan and singing the song we wrote together.  Thankfully it was a small crowd. :)  we have a video of this surprise performance.  maybe I'll share it someday.  maybe. 

ok...that's enough for now.  good night!

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  1. I know, right? I hate talking to Kevin on the phone now because it brings back traumatic memories of our LDR!! Lol. Looks like you had some good times seeing friends. I love OMB too! The coffee shops around here are the pits, but I bet I can find a good one in Denver! :)