Thursday, July 21, 2011

Ryan plays the ukulele....

Here's a video of Ry playing the ukulele, and Gilbert chewing on an empty orange juice bottle. 

I think he's trying to play the mario bros. theme song in the beginning.  :)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


hi. this is ryan now. rissbo wants me to do blog stuff, so yeah... i got a ukulele. i been wantin one awhile now. i really like the coconut records song "back to you." at the end there's a little ukulele ditty.

for some reason ukuleles remind me of kirk douglas in 20,000 leagues under the sea with that homemade turtle shell uke thingy he made. beltin it out with that seal in the submarine jail.
 so yeah, when i seent this on amazonz i had to snatch it up. it's mahogany. i think i'm gonna put some better strings on it too.

here it is sitting in a chair.
the end.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

we love dessert!

Last night our dessert was inspired by my friend Corrie at who shared this link Blueberries & cream ramekins via Tish’s Place on her blog a couple days ago.  The best part was that I didn't feel too guilty eating it! :)  It was simply delicious and didn't take a whole lot of effort.  Like Corrie, I only had plain yogurt, so I added a little bit of vanilla extract and that did the trick!  I also had some strawberries that needed to be eaten, so I mixed them in with the blueberries. YUM.

I was really bummed when I found out that our dessert had to be broiled.  A few months ago I managed to break our broiler due to a flaming garlic bread fiasco. No joke.  That is a story for another day.  But here is a picture to prove how bad it was.   Too bad I didn't have time to take a picture when there were actually flames shooting off of them!

Anyway....back to the problem of having a broken broiler.  My sweet husband saved the day when he said "I think have a blow torch in the basement!"  :) He did. It worked wonderfully. 

My handsome assistant. :)  Pretty sure we put more brown sugar on top than the recipe called for.  That's what happens when you let your husband help. ;) Then again...I didn't really try to stop him.  Oh. man. that caramelized brown sugar sure was tasty. Hmmm....Did I say something about not feeling too guilty? ;)


In other news, I am so very thankful to have the next 2 days off of work.  It has been quite busy around here these last couple weeks, so I am perfectly content to stay inside tomorrow and get some things done around home. This house needs a good cleanin'!   
I hope you're all having a great week!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Sister Sunday

One day last week I had some time to kill while I was waiting for our jeep to get it's desperately needed new tires put on, so Melissa, Mom Peterson, and I wandered around The Salvation Army.  I have really grown to love thrifting these last few years! Especially now, having a very tight's amazing what you can find at thrift stores.  

This particular day we stumbled upon 2 chairs that we knew would be going home with us.  At a whopping $4 a chair, it was too good to pass up! I should also mention that these chairs are actually in good shape and seem to be made really well. We immediately began brainstorming what we could do to give them a makeover, even though neither one of us knows the first thing about re-upholstering a chair! 

We declared this past Sunday to be "sister day" so we could work on our chairs.  Of course it happened to also be one of the first truly hot days of the summer.  We did not let the heat keep us from our DIY fun though!  We found a shady spot and spray painted these beauties a nice ivory color.  I love how a little paint can make something look so different!  

beating the heat with The Pioneer Woman's delicious Iced Coffee!

Mel is demonstrating how strong she is.  :)

After some paint!

After the first coat was on we let them dry while we ran to Walmart to get more spray paint, and some food for us and our hungry husbands.  After dinner and a second coat of paint, we treated ourselves to some chocolate dipped ice cream cones from Tastee-Freez because it was National Ice Cream Day, and it just seemed like the right thing to do on such a hot day. :) 

Once the chairs were dry we had to figure out the best way to re-upholster them. Unfortunately there was no easy way to remove the cushions, so we had to get creative.  We considered doing a step by step tutorial but that quickly went out the window when we realized we really didn't know what we were doing, and this was going to be a learn as you go kind of thing. :)  We never even googled "how to re-upholster a chair". I guess we just wanted to figure it out for ourselves.  haha.  It was quite humorous at times.  Covering the second chair was definitely much easier because we had worked out some of the kinks in the first one.  We laughed at the thought of someone watching us who actually knows how to re-upholster.  All that matters is that we had a great time, and we ended up with some fun chairs! While they aren't perfect, we are proud of our work and they look beautiful!

The onlooker. :)  Gilbert was either laying under our feet sleeping, or observing from somewhere near by while we worked. 

No one was harmed during this project.  We practiced staple gun safety.

Finished!  Mel found this fun fabric in the sale bin at JoAnn.


here's what we found inside of the chairs.  a driver's prayer card, a Quality Motors business card, and....a peanut!

It was a fun experience, and we would definitely do it again.  Maybe next time we'll find some chairs with removable cushions. :)  ALSO, next weekend we're doing an engagement photo shoot, and you can bet these chairs will be making an appearance! 

Saturday, July 9, 2011

you're the only ten i see! :)

Ryan and I took a few days off to travel to Tennessee.  It was our first real road trip together and we loved it!  The drive was made even more enjoyable with conversation, some new music we purchased for our trip, and passing the time by browsing through a baby name book that my sister in-law sent with me.  It was kinda fun tossing name ideas around with Ryan. I AM NOT PREGNANT.  Just so you know. :)

We had a great time with Daniel and Samantha and their hilarious and adorable daughter, Addison. Tennessee is a pretty big part of Ryan's life since that's where he went to school and lived for a few years. It was cool getting to meet some important people from his years there, and spend time with his closest friends.

Here's just a little of what we did while we were there....

we ate lots of delicious food. pretty sure I gained a few pounds. One of my favorites was a quaint little place called Miller's Grocery  I was surprised to find out that they do have a website! Check it out, and if you ever find yourself anywhere near should probably go. :) fun atmosphere, live music, incredible southern food, and yummy made from scratch desserts!

we attended the wedding of Ryan's friend Dirk.  Ryan and Dirk met while working at Lens Crafters several years ago. The wedding and reception was in downtown Nashville at a place called "a Venue".  It was lovely and unique. We snapped the above photo of the bride and groom through the window.  We were spying on them as they were getting their pictures taken after the ceremony.  :)
After the wedding we drove around a bit and Ryan showed me the campus of Belmont University, where he attended school for 4 years and graduated with a degree in business administration.. 
we hung out with this cutie. she kept us entertained. :)

in case you can't tell....that is indeed a ferret inside of a ball, being pushed in a toy shopping cart. 

this was fun to watch. :)

even Bella the dog enjoyed the slide. maybe she didn't really have much choice.

Ryan and Bella had deep conversations.

we squeezed in the backseat of Daniel's jeep, and took a drive with the top down for a spontaneous mini golf outing!

it was Addison's first time

she is the only one of us who actually got a hole in one that night. 

For the 4th of July we went back to downtown Nashville to see their fireworks. I was definitely a good show.  After it was over we sat on a curb and watched the masses of people walk by.  I love people watching.

I loved getting to know Samantha better.  Wish we lived closer!

awww. :) 

people.  people. and more people.
Kyle and Molly met up with us too.  Sadly,  this was the only picture I got with them in it! :(  I was so glad for the chance to meet Molly since she wasn't able to make it to our wedding.  I only wish we'd had more time. 

We are so thankful for some refreshing down time with friends and safe travels there and back.