Friday, August 19, 2011

back deck beautification

As I mentioned in an earlier post, we finally got our patio table and chair set put together.  July was a scorcher, but August has been absolutely lovely so far, and we've taken advantage of it by eating a few meals on our back deck already.  A couple mornings ago I started my day out there with my bible and a cup of coffee.  It was so peaceful.

Gilbert likes hanging out on the deck with us too. Especially when things like this fall out of the tree. 

I moved it up to the railing to save it from being pawed to death. 

the back deck is also the perfect location for making sun tea!

french toast and bacon for supper one night, and iced coffee in a mason jar.  YUM!

last night we strung lights on the awesome arbor that ryan and my dad made for some added ambiance.  warm light makes everything more inviting, don't you agree?

little lanterns left over from our wedding, and of course I'm putting all my mason jars to use wherever I can!
this pretty little thing was a gift from my mom for my birthday. love it. it's also my favorite color.

the birdbath was also a birthday gift.  I'm not sure if the birds have discovered it yet, but Gilbert has. :)  He thinks it was put there for him to drink out of.

so it's a work in progress, but it's coming together!  I'm hoping to host a little back deck party before the end of the summer.  Our next big project is to work on taming the jungle that is our backyard.  That will be fun. 

Now, I must go do some ironing that I've been putting off.  If I had to pick one of my least favorite household chores, that would be it.


  1. Oh my word! I love your deck! Will you come decorate mine please? Well, I hope to have one again in the next few months! I love the arbor! That is so cool! Totally romantic place for dinner! Looks amazing!!

  2. Also, good for you with the ironing! I think Kevin wishes I knew how! :)

  3. thanks, Corrie! :) I would gladly help you decorate your deck, but I'm pretty sure you don't need help. You are super creative and the DIY queen. :)

    also...don't think too highly of me for ironing. Before I got married I NEVER ironed...unless the situation was desperate. I would usually just throw the clothes in the dryer and tumble them around for a bit. haha. I really didn't have a lot of clothes that needed to be ironed I guess. But when you have a husband with collared dress shirts, as we both do...the dryer will only do so much. Believe it or not...Ryan actually gave me some tips on ironing. :)

    I'm watching American Pickers while I iron, so it's just a little more tolerable. :)

  4. Oh... but that's where I trick people. I'm not really a very good DIYer... I have many many IDEAS that I trick people into helping me carrying out. Yes, I REALLY need to learn to iron. I really have no clue. I'm a little intimidated. I guess I should watch YouTube videos. Or just poor Kevin slaving away at 7AM every morning!

  5. Your outdoor dinner looks like it was deelish!

  6. I love your deck and I love your blog and I love you. :)

  7. Just coming back to visit this post. We saw our new apartment (for 9 months anyways), and it has a patio. I'm not really planning to unpack/decorate too much, but I've seen so many cute little patios lately that I want to try!! Lol. I still love that arbor thing. When we get a house again... lol