Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Dog Park Day

This past Sunday, Ryan, Caleb, Melissa and I took our dogs to the dog park.  They needed some exercise and we needed some entertainment. :)  We had never taken Gilbert to the dog park before.  I was a little worried about how he would behave around the small dogs, but he did great.  However, I'm sure many a dog left the park that day with some of Gilbert's drool in their fur.  He likes to share his abundance of slobber with everyone and everything.  My dad nicknamed him Gildrooley when he was visiting last weekend. Gil earned that nickname since apparently some of his slime landed on my dad's laptop screen during one of his head shakes. :)  Sorry if this grosses anyone out.  It's the facts of life, my friends. 

It was rather interesting seeing all the different kinds of dogs at the park.  It was equally interesting to observe the dog owners.   
this dog hung around with our dogs quite a bit

love this face

this is not our dog.  there happened to be another great pyr there. it was a boy, but his build was much smaller than Gilbert's.

we quickly learned that this dog was a little kooky.  it was staring at a tennis ball for a long time.

  the black pug in the background was following Ryan around and circling him while he walked.

you know that dog was gifted with some of gilbert's drool

gilbert, duncan and penny.  Duncan and Penny belong to Caleb and Mel. They are the sweetest collies.


  1. I am officially grossed out thinking of all the crusty drool! ewwwwww but no matter what you still love them!

  2. Janna! :) thanks for commenting! I didn't know you had a blog!

    Yeah...right now the drool is manageable and I've gotten used to it to a point. What will be interesting is when we have a baby. :)

  3. Wow!! Your dog is huge!! So pretty!