Saturday, June 25, 2011

my thrifty husband and our diy projects!

For our October wedding, we used a lot of mason jars for decoration  I just can't have enough of them!  You can use them for all sorts of cool things!  So...since I have so many sitting in the basement just waiting to be used, I decided to research possible DIY light fixture ideas for our kitchen and dining room.  A few months ago I was inspired by my friend Aimee at , whose husband made her a light fixture out of mason jars.  

Here's what we've got so far.....

this beauty used to hang above my brother and sister in-law's dining room table and when we were visiting them last weekend I told them about our plans.  They brought this up from the basement and said "you can have it!"  I think they were just happy to get rid of it. :) So....we're going to do something like this maybe  I'll paint it a fun color.  Maybe turquoise or something? Are you surprised? 

my thrifty hubby found 3 of these at Lowes for $3 each! He's hoping to make something like this out of them. I have no idea how....but I'm sure he'll come up with something.  I'll keep you posted! :)  We did spend some time in Lowes one day looking at all the necessary parts we would need to make the exact fixture in this blog, but we decided $100 was still a little too much for us to
spend right now.  I'm hoping Ryan's idea will work!   

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