Friday, June 24, 2011

growing boy!

I decided to do a blog about the other member of our family. His name is Gilbert. He's big and white and all around just a lovable fluff ball.  He loves to eat and sleep and shake his drool all over the place. :)  He is a 7 month old Great Pyrenees and last time we weighed him a few weeks ago he was 76 lbs!  I'm sure he's way over that now.  Hmmm....the thought just occurred to me that these are the kind of blogs mom's write about their babies. wow.

My husband has had Great Pyrs before and he would never consider another breed of dog, so I knew that someday we would get one.  That someday was Christmas Eve of 2010.  A couple weeks prior we heard about some people who were selling great pyrs in the countryside of Iowa and so we decided to go "look".  I knew that there was no way we were going just to "look".  Of course we ended up picking one out that day but we couldn't take him home with us since they still needed their shots.  Ryan insisted that we get the biggest one, but when we went to get him on Christmas Eve he wasn't there.  The lady "accidentally" sold him to someone else, but we're glad she did because we got Gil....and he is plenty big and still growing!   We love him a lot. :) He's pretty awesome.  Here are a few photos to show you how he has grown over the months!

The day we got him. He was around 5 weeks old. 
It was Christmas Eve 2010 and we drove into the countryside of Andrew, IA in a snow storm to get him.
Gilbert meeting my dad for the first time.  I just had to post this picture because it's so cute.  
My dad would never admit that he likes Gilbert....but that's ok.  
I know he does.  :)

This was the first time he met his "cousins" Duncan and Penny :)  
Little did they know that soon he would be bigger than them.

sleeping in front of the door like a true guard dog.  he doesn't look very scary though.

apparently he was trying to look like bumble

between this picture and the last we went to Florida for a week while our friends Ben and Mandy watched him.  I couldn't believe how much he'd grown while we were gone.  This photo was taken a few weeks after we got back, so he wasn't quite this big yet when we got back from Florida.

running free at babcocks

taking a nap

he loves to be outside, but at this moment he was wishing to be inside for some reason.

wet and muddy from his first swim at west lake

enjoying the shade at the memorial day picnic

a very tired dog

playing with Ry
me and the puff head

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