Sunday, June 26, 2011

camping...inside :)

Later this week we're road trippin' to Tennessee for the wedding of one of Ryan's buddies and staying with his good friends Daniel and Samantha while we're there.  We were hoping to meet up with Jan, Steven and their cute boys in Gatlinburg but it's not going to work out.  We're all pretty bummed. :(  Jan and I had talked about camping out in order to save money and since Ryan and I received a 2 person tent for our wedding we thought it would be the perfect opportunity to try it out for the first time! Once we found out it wasn't going to work to see Jan and Steven, we got the tent out anyway and set it up in our living room just to see how small it really was. I was amazed at how small it wasn't!  I's not huge, but it's not tiny!  So yeah...we set it up, put some blankets in there and then watched Parks and Recreation on the TV from the door of our tent.  haha.  It was fun!


  1. That is a HUGE two person tent! It's about the size of the "six-person" tent that my friends and I brought to Cornerstone 2 years ago. Once we unfolded it (it was a borrowed tent, so we hadn't seen it set up before)we realized that the four of us would have to pretty much be piled on top of each other and our suitcases to make it work. Luckily, this old guy named Fred had 'spare tents' that he scavenges every year when cornerstone is over and people leave their stuff lying around the grounds, and we got to borrow a really great huge tent for two of us! Whoah that was a long comment. Love your blog girl - it's very cute!! Oh and I hope you get to go camping soon :-)

  2. :( i wish we could be getting together. i miss you! i'm so sorry it didn't work out! maybe we can camp in oct?