Thursday, June 23, 2011

behind the beard & blondie locks....

Welcome to the new blog!  I decided to start a new blog for me and Ryan even though I'm pretty sure he will never blog. ;)  I have enough trouble consistently blogging myself.  I have good intentions.  :) 

We've been married for almost 9 months.  It has been a very fun and never dull 9 months.  Each day I grow more in love and more thankful for this man God gave to be my husband.  He is comforting, easygoing,  kindhearted and his wacky sense humor is just what this girl needs. He is like a little boy in a man's body sometimes.  He makes life fun :) He is a wonderful husband who loves me and cares for me in so many ways.  I am truly blessed and so proud to be his wife. I want to grow old with him. :) 

Man and wife! 

Here's an update on our lives recently for those of you who don't know what's been going on with us!  Ryan is working for his dad in the Peterson Roofing business. Things are getting a little more busy with the warmer weather.   We got married in October and it was the perfect time because things were slowing down for roofing and I didn't work for the first month we were married, so we had lots of time to spend together settling into our home and adjusting to married life.  Ryan is also active at our chapel helping with music each Sunday, teaching adult Sunday school and sharing a devotion each month at prayer meeting.  We love our church family.

Currently I am working at Wild Birds Unlimited. It's growing on me. :)  I am praying for opportunities to share the gospel with the 3 people that I work with.  For whatever time I am there I want God to use me for His glory.   I am also trying to get some other home based businesses going to bring in a little more income.  I'm an independent Pampered Chef consultant and I'm also selling some handmade items on Etsy. My shop is Someday I'd like to be able to stay home with our children (Lord willing) so I'm trying to establish these side businesses now. 

These last 9 months have been full of new and challenging life lessons that have strengthened us and drawn us closer together.  It is beautiful and at times painful as we trust God together for all of our needs.  He is so faithful and good and "His grace is sufficient"!

I guess I should mention why I chose to make our blog address bringmebacksomethingfrench.  It's a quote from Home Alone.  Remember that movie?! :)  Ryan says this to me every time I leave to go somewhere (especially a store).  As for the red beard and blondie locks part, well...from time to time Ryan grows his beard out and it's red.  Perhaps we will have a child with red hair someday?  blondie locks is one of Ryan's nicknames for me.  So...there you go.   The meaning behind the blog.

Thanks for reading!  Stay tuned because believe it or not I have 2 other blogs waiting in the wings!  Crazy, I know! 

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