Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Bradfords

This past weekend we traveled to Dubuque for the wedding of our friends Kevin and Anna.  Anna and I went to Emmaus Bible College together, sang in ensemble together, and before Kevin and Anna were engaged they sang in our wedding!  The wedding was beautiful and we couldn't be more happy for them!  It was a joyful celebration.  The great thing about Emmaus weddings is that it's usually like a mini reunion.  Not only did we get to see Kevin and Anna become Mr. and Mrs., but we got to see lots of other people we know and love too! 

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Bradford.  AT LAST! :)
got to see this cute new mommy and her snuggly baby boy! 

Sweet Ashlee.  She made the cupcakes for our wedding and her husband, Graeme was our photographer.

this is my friend Liz and her beautiful daughter Lydia. : ) Last time I saw Liz was at our wedding and this was the first time I got to meet Lydia!

Mikaela and Keagan. :)  He is just adorable.  Mik did my hair for my wedding and was my hair stylist when I lived in Dubuque.  She will never know what an encouragement and blessing she was and is to me.

This is Kristin.  She is kind, compassionate, funny and has a beautiful heart for Jesus.  She took my place as house parent at Ruth Harbor when I left last fall, and she is doing an incredible job!

Mr. and Mrs. Tabailloux!  We were very sad that we weren't able to make it to their wedding at the end of April, but so happy we got to see them for a bit and catch up this weekend! 

The soon to be Mr. and Mrs. Larsen.  They are just a few days away from their wedding day! Please notice my crazy husband. :)

Me and Lauren.  The only time we see each other lately is at weddings it seems.  :) She is cute.
Laurie and Amanda.  We all went to college together.  

I love their smiles. :)

:)  what a lovely bride

Not pictured are Ben and Kristi Graves.  :)  We got to see them that day as well, in between the ceremony and reception.  Ryan and Ben of course got in some video game time, and Kristi and I enjoyed some talk time.  

The reception location was Galena, IL.  This place is special to me and Ryan because we spent a day there walking, talking and getting to know each other during our early dating days.  We hadn't been back there together since, so we took some time before heading home to walk over to Grant Park.  I loved reminiscing with Ry about the time we shared that day, and the budding romance between us. ;)  We found the bench where we had spent a couple hours talking, neither of us wanting to end our time together.  I wanted to get a snapshot of us sitting on the bench, and while we were discussing where we could put the camera to set the timer, a young couple walking by stopped and the guy asked if we wanted him to take the picture for us!

  Right after this picture was taken, my funny husband asked the guy if he would like us to take a picture of them with our camera.  hahaha.  I think it kind of weirded the guy out a little because he wasn't sure that Ryan was joking.  :)

I love this guy.
 On our way home we stopped at DQ for ice cream (we missed out on wedding cake), enjoyed listening to the awesome wedding day soundtrack that Kevin and Anna gave out as favors, watched the millions of lightning bugs light up the fields on highway 61, as well as the lightning show from the storm that was moving in.  It was the perfect day.  :)


  1. So sweet!! Thanks for the update! I love your new blog! It's so cute!!!

  2. Thanks for your kind words! It was so great to see you at the wedding. I meant to spend more time talking to you, but time slipped away, and before I knew it, everyone was gone! Hope you have a great vacation in TN! :)

  3. thanks ladies! :)

    Kristin, I feel the same way! I wanted to catch up more too. There is never enough time. I hope things are going great with the new house parents and residents!