Friday, January 18, 2013

Half of a Year....

Lucy girl,

You are 6 months old.  That means that half of a year has passed since you were born. I'm kind of in denial.  In some ways it feels like the last six months have flown by and I can't believe that in another six months you'll be ONE YEAR OLD.  Your Aunt Kristi is already planning your party. ;)
There are times when all your dad and I can do is look at each other and say "she is SO cute" and we are just in awe of your developing little personality.  There are days when laundry doesn't get done, dishes stay piled in the sink, and dog fur tumbleweeds accumulate because I just want to hang out with you, kiss your soft chubby cheeks, and soak up each moment as much as I can because I know I will never have that day with you again.  I often wonder how God will use you for His glory and I pray that you will love Him with all your heart, soul and strength and that you will see us do the same.  

The other day I was staring at your back as you were sitting on the floor like such a big girl and I couldn't believe I was looking at my baby. I just wanted to stop time.  It is fascinating to watch you grow, and learn, and change... even in a week's time. Here's what you've been up to in the last few months....

You got your two front (bottom) teeth for Christmas! :) Of course that means that anything you can get your hands on goes immediately to your mouth.  Your sleep was a bit disrupted for awhile but I *think* you're settling back into your sleep pattern from before you started teething. :) 

You have sampled banana and avocado and seemed to like both! We're excited to try baby led weaning with you and watch as you learn how to feed yourself and explore different foods. 

I love watching you put your paci back in your mouth. Sometimes you take it out of your mouth and jabber away while staring at it and then you pop it back in. 

 You're good at grabbing things in general and are very curious about everything. 

You love your cousin Samuel already and your Auntie and I hope that you two are going to be best buds.  Your favorite thing about Samuel right now is his hair. :)  He has a lot of it and you like to run your fingers through it.  He doesn't mind as long as you don't pull.  

You are more aware of your surroundings and if you see me or your daddy leave the room, or realize we're not there anymore, you sometimes start to cry. :(

You look so much like your daddy.  Everyone thinks so.  Occasionally someone will tell me you look like me when you smile or make a certain face, but you definitely favor your daddy, and that's a good thing.  He's cute! ;) 

You love the Johnny Jump Up at Grandpa and Grandma Peterson's house. It's pretty entertaining to watch you get excited and bounce yourself around. 

Even though you know how to roll over, you don't do it very much.  The other night you rolled from your back, to your tummy, to your back in about 10 seconds.  You were pretty proud of yourself. 

You still don't love being on your tummy for longer than a few minute, but that's OK.
Laughter.  Oh, the laughter.  Lately we haven't had to make a whole lot of effort to get you to laugh.  You especially like to laugh at your daddy for no reason, and the dog when he's simply shuffling around the house. Tonight you laughed when you heard/saw your dad and I laughing at something. When you laugh, it makes us laugh.  It's hilarious.  Your cute little squeal/giggle is my favorite sound ever. 

Last weekend I went to a two day doula workshop that required me to be gone for 10 hours each day.  It was the longest amount of time we had been apart and you got to hang out with your daddy both days.  I think you had lots of fun.  Thankfully you recently decided that taking a bottle isn't all that terrible, and drank them just fine when your daddy had to feed you.  :)
You are sitting up all by yourself.  I'm sure it won't be long before you figure out how to move your legs to scoot around on the floor on your bottom. It will be time to baby proof before we know it!

You don't realize this yet, but God has blessed you with the most adoring, most amazing Grandparents. It's a special thing. :) 

Here's a little note from your dad :) ....

Lucy, this is your dad. 
I love you so much. 
You are even cuter than I imagined you would be
 I think you might be a bit of a stinker when you get a little older. 
I'll try to make sure I set you straight. 
We have lots of fun together. 
 One time you fell asleep on my lap while I fed you a bottle. 
I'm pretty sure you haven't done that for anyone else. 
You are my protege.
Love, Dad.

We love you a whole lot, sweet girl. Jesus loves you even more. :)  


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