Saturday, October 6, 2012

Dear Lucy

Dear Lucy,

Yesterday marked three months ago that I was cradling your 7 lb 1 oz, 19.5 inch body in my arms after you decided quite suddenly that you were ready to get on with life outside of my womb.  I was overcome with love.  All my fears of not knowing how to care for you were washed away as I stared at your beautiful face and basked in the realization that you were finally here. The love I felt that day has only intensified over the last three months and I still look at you in awe and praise God for growing our family with you.  

Today is a very special day because your cousin Samuel was born! We have been praying for this boy and are so happy that God is growing our family even more! We haven't met him yet but we will soon and your Mommy and Auntie Melissa are so thrilled that you two will get to grow up together!  I woke up to a text from your Auntie around 3:30 this morning announcing Samuel's arrival and I think you knew something was up. :)  You were doing a little happy dance in your crib, raising your legs and dropping them to the mattress repeatedly, and then you went back to sleep on your own.

A few things about you: 

You are smiling more and more! 

You have the softest, most kissable cheeks.  

You are finding your voice with all your cute little baby sounds, and even a little chuckle here and there! :)

You are not a fan of tummy time, but we're working on it. 

You ARE a fan of bath time.  It calms you if you're fussy and you love splashing and kicking your legs in the water.  Sometimes dad fills the bath a little full and we end up with a very wet bathroom floor.  That's how you know it was a fun bath time. :) 

You love it when your  daddy flies you around the house like an airplane. 
You are a mover.  You are not usually content for very long to be held by someone who is just sitting or standing still.  

You like being worn in the moby wrap.  I'm so glad that you do because you spend a lot of time in it when I'm cleaning for clients! 

You love your swing! 

You can almost roll completely onto your side without assistance. 

You are generally sleeping anywhere from 7-10 hours a night. Sometimes less...sometimes more. :)

You are grabbing things more.

You will not take a pacifier.  You took one for your Aunt Kristi when she was here, but so far you won't take it from me or anyone else.  You like to suck on your hands. 

Your dad gave you the nickname Little Munchy (short for munchkin) and sometimes we just call you Munch or Munchy. :) 

We sure do love you, little lady.  I wish I could bottle these days up but I know there are more fun ones to come too! :) 

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  1. love! she's such a cutie pie :) haha, leave it to her daddy to come up with a funny nickname. love you munchy!