Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Baby's First Package!

Today Ryan sent a picture to my phone of an address label with baby girl's name on it. A package was delivered and it was addressed to her! How fun! He said it was from Carter's in Memphis, TN.  haha.  Don't know anyone with that last name in Memphis, so I figured it must be from the baby store. :)  We opened it together when I got home, and inside was the sweetest little outfit and pair of shoes from her Auntie Jess! Thanks, Jess! :)

this is going to be saved!  :) finger looks weird.  haha. 

I had started buying some baby clothes at consignment and thrift stores before we knew what we were having.  Now that we know, I am excited to go shopping with my mom and anyone else who will go with me! :)  

In other news.... I'm half way through my pregnancy.  How did that happen?  It's kind of scary.  haha.  Ryan and I are starting childbirth classes this Friday, and I'm meeting with my doula next week hopefully! I found out about this great group of ladies at and I'm excited that we get to work with them! 

The belly and baby are growing little by little and I think maybe....just maybe I felt baby girl move tonight during prayer meeting.  Maybe.  Every time I think I feel her I end up convincing myself it wasn't really her.   :)  

On Saturday Mel and I did a little engagement photo shoot and then she took some 20 week pictures for me.  Thanks, Mel! :) 

Ok...I promise all of my blog posts won't be about the baby.  .... Maybe I shouldn't promise that. :)  


  1. Love the adorable dress! Love the gorgeous maternity pictures!! Yay! :)

  2. Getting her first package s so exciting!!! How cool!!!!! You can post about her all you want. I'm curious about her name still. Lol.