Thursday, January 5, 2012

the crazy man that I married...

I will give you fair warning and let you know that this post might be a little mushy and lovey dovey don't read it if you're not into that kind of stuff. :)  I won't be offended if nobody reads it.  Since I have yet to finish my actual anniversary blog I thought I'd just share some of what's been on my heart regarding marriage.

I've been thinking a lot these last few days about what a blessing my husband is to me and how I develop a richer love and thankfulness for him everyday...and this is only the beginning!  He is just what I needed and so much more.  He was what I needed before I even knew he was what I needed!  God knew...and He was gracious to provide Ryan at just the right time and teach both of us some really cool things as he was preparing us for each other.  Things that made us cling to Him and grow in Him like never before. When I was younger I never really made a "list" of what I wanted in a husband.  I just knew he had to be saved, love the Lord, and if he had a good sense of humor that would be awesome.  :) 

Marriage isn't easy, don't get me wrong.  I'm still pretty new at this married stuff with just a year and three months under my belt, but I'm not naive and I know enough to know that it's not always sunshine, sweetness and rainbows.  You learn a lot about yourself....good and bad.  But, while difficult at times, loving each other despite imperfections and shortcomings is the most rewarding thing.  We will always fail each other, but the Lord won't.  I also know that in this life we will have trials and challenges.  I have no idea what the future holds (I don't want to know) for us as a couple whether it be tomorrow or ten years from now, but I can't imagine going through anything without Ryan by my side.  Sometimes I get a little teary eyed thinking about what I would do if I lost him.  It's even more intensified now that I'm carrying a little life around (oh, those pregnancy hormones). 

Lately I have been savoring the little moments with him and appreciating him even more.  From watching him impersonate Elvis, to playing Camp town Races on his ukulele over and over again, to finding him watching me and seeing the love in his eyes, to how he gets along with and loves my parents, to hearing him pray, to laughing together about everyday things.  I love that he is amazed that I still laugh at him so much.  And I am still amazed that even when I apologize to him for being too sensitive or cranky or having a bad attitude....he thinks nothing of it. This man is so patient and appreciative of my sensitivity even though I think it's annoying.  ;)  

The other day I fell in love with him a little bit more as I worked alongside him.  We went to visit his Grandma so I could do some cleaning and he could hang some pictures and things for her.  My husband is the cutest handy man and problem solver!  It was really fun watching him interact with Grandma and show such patience as she directed him where to hang things. While we were there she blasted her old gospel and polka music while dancing around, clapping, and doing her little polka dances in the living room.  Ryan and I would catch each others eye and share a smile.  

I'm going to have some serious laugh lines in my face from this guy.  His outrageous and quirky sense of humor is the best.  Don't be fooled by his goofiness.... he is also serious and tenderhearted. Trust me.  I am looking forward to seeing him in his role as a daddy, and I hope our kids are funny like him. :) 

Ok...since you're probably all gagging (if anyone is actually reading this) I'll stop now.   

I do know that Ryan will read this so....I love you, Ryan.  Thanks for loving me the way you do. :)

All photos are courtesy of Graeme Pitman


  1. That's so sweet & wonderful!!!!! I loved reading it!! So happy to see you guys so happy. And marriage is the best even though I'm a total newbie too! :)

  2. Charissa, thank you for sharing this post. I've been getting pretty excited as I've been wedding planning and anticipating my own marriage, and your post was an encouragement to me to read as an "almost bride", as well as a reminder that there are many good things ahead. Thanks! :-)

  3. So sweet! :) Love it! I'm so happy that you're so happy. You are awesome and I love and miss you!

  4. Awww :) I loved it!! So sweet and true! :D

  5. Gagging?
    You're too cute.