Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Finlay Patrick's Birth Story

So, I'm pretty terrible at updating the blog considering I haven't updated since Margo's birth. Oops. I do need to type out Finn's birth story while it's fresh in my memory though, so if you're into reading that kind of thing, then enjoy! :) 

The morning of Saturday February 13th I woke up to bloody show which is how my labor began with both of my girls, but I was not having regular contractions yet which was different from labor with my girls, so I wasn't convinced that the bloody show meant labor was imminent. We enjoyed a delicious breakfast and went about our morning preparing a few things and letting family know just in case.  My mom had been staying with us all week but she and my dad were staying locally for the weekend and going to a murder mystery dinner on Saturday night. I told them they should keep their plans and I would let them know if anything changed.  My midwife's assistant Sarah and friend Adrienne (we also go to church together) came later that morning to do a prenatal since I was 41 weeks. Everything was good and we chatted for awhile and said see you at church tomorrow unless something happens before then.  The day passed and nothing happened but I was not discouraged. I had a feeling from the beginning that things would go a little differently this time, and I was at peace with that.  That evening my parents went to their murder mystery dinner which I was thankful for because I would have felt awful if they had to miss it as it was non-refundable. :) I didn't feel like cooking and making a mess in the kitchen that night but had a craving for nachos, so Ryan went to a local nearby Mexican restaurant to bring some home and we had a picnic on the floor with the girls and Gilbert while watching Lady And The Tramp. My girls made me laugh so much that evening and I soaked it all up as I thought it could be our last night as a family of four. 

Sunday morning I awoke to more bloody show and a peaceful snow fall. Ryan and I went to church with Lucy and left Margo at home with my mom who is not a fan of driving in the snow. Margo had a cold and a rough night of sleep so it worked out great to leave her at home with my mom.  I had been having contractions all night but still nothing consistent and I really wanted Lucy to be able to go to her Valentine's Day party with her church friends, so off we went! I'm sure there were some people at church who were surprised to see me as they had told me good luck the week before thinking I'd be having a baby within the week.  haha! 

That afternoon Ryan and I took a nap :) and after that my contractions started to pick up a little.  We decided to bundle the girls up and take them out to play in the snow for the first time this winter since we missed the first real snowfall while we were in Florida. I was thinking we'd bundle them up for all of five minutes outside before they wanted to come back in, but they surprised me and had the best time playing in the snow and helping daddy shovel the driveway.  I was having contractions the whole time but didn't make a big deal of it.  We came back in to make supper and I informed Ryan that I was having more regular contractions so he and my mom needed to take care of the girls while I sat on the birth ball.  Sometime around 6, Sarah text messaged me to see how I was doing and I told her my contractions were more regular so she asked me to time them for fifteen minutes.  Turns out they were 2-3 minutes apart, but I was STILL unsure if this was it, I think because my water had not broken yet like it did with the girls. Sarah asked me what I thought about her coming over to check my cervix because she wanted to allow time for my midwife from Iowa city to get here especially with it having snowed that day.  I agreed and she arrived sometime between 7 and 7:30 and I was 7 cm dilated and there was no denying that I was actually in labor. :)   I had told my sister in-law Melissa what was going on earlier and she arrived shortly before Sarah with her camera. :) Adrienne and my mother in law arrived sometime after that.  Ryan and Sarah began setting up the birth tub and while it was filling we all sat around just talking and laughing.  I have such sweet memories of that time.  It was lighthearted and joyful and I was surrounded by family and friends and so much love, all of which is evident in the birth video that Melissa made for me. 

The grandmas were entertaining the girls and at some point took them upstairs for a little bit to get their jammies on and read to them.  I got into the birth tub around 9 and my midwife arrived from Iowa City soon after that. I had a few quiet moments to myself to sing and pray while everyone was upstairs preparing our bed for after the baby was born. Apparently someone could tell when I was getting really serious about things because they had the Grandmas bring the girls back downstairs. I assumed my hands and knees position just as I had done with Margo and began rocking back and forth and moving my hips during contractions.  I vividly remember my girls standing there curiously watching their mommy labor, Monica applying counter pressure to my back, sweating like crazy and having cool wash cloths placed on my neck, saying "this is hard work" and "come on baby" as I could feel my baby moving down with each contraction, my dear husband watching me in wonder with his excited daddy smile, and the feeling of my water breaking not long before I breathed my sweet baby out and into my arms at 9:36 pm. As I brought him to my chest I thought to myself that he looked like a boy but no one knew for sure yet and I wanted to just hold him for a minute before taking a look. :) I kept us all in suspense for a few moments until someone said something like "do we know what this baby is yet?" haha.  I stole a glance at Ryan first and then lifted the towel to look between his little legs and was shocked to find that I had indeed given birth to a boy! The room erupted in laughter and squeals of glee and all I could say was "we don't have a name! what are we going to name him?!?!" Ryan and I were so convinced that this baby was another girl and we would have been so happy with a third girl, but God gave us a boy and we are delighted. Some days I'm still in disbelief. I will share more pictures from his birth when I get them and his birth video for those who want to see it.  :) 

He's been with us for a week now and he is sweet as can be and loved so much by his big sisters. It's been an adjustment for Margo, but she's doing great and she loves to "look at da baby!" Lucy is my big helper as usual and is always checking on little brother and saying "look at him! He's so cute!".  It's pretty precious. :)  We are all smitten and with our Finlay Patrick. We took a few days to name him and Ryan eventually came back around all on his own to the name we had picked for a boy before we knew Lucy was a girl.  Finlay (pronounced Fin-lee) means Fair Warrior and and Patrick is in honor of Ryan's younger brother who died shortly after birth due to spina bifida.  I think it's a perfect name for him.  

My mom was with us for the week before and after he was born and such a tremendous help to me as always.  We've all come down with colds now and are so ready for spring, but we're surviving. I'm learning that the house is just going to have to be messy for awhile and I'm going to have to be ok with that, but our wonderful church family is bringing us meals every other night and it has been such a blessing.  Ryan and I praise God for this new addition to our family and another little life to nurture. I know three won't be a piece of cake, but I also know that the Lord is my strength and help. 


  1. So beautiful, sweet friend! You are the picture of peace and joy. God truly shines through you. Couldn't be happier for you all!

  2. So beautiful, sweet friend! You are the picture of peace and joy. God truly shines through you. Couldn't be happier for you all!